Woods O' Cross Series Info

Pilgrim Sands Trail Riders – Woods O' Cross Series 2019

Series Information

The Pilgrim Sands Short Course Series is partnering with Wareham MX to provide a fun, safe racing opportunity. The course is a combination of a motocross track and woods trails, around 2-3 miles in length. All racers must obtain a transponder which sticks under the racer’s visor, available at Sign-In.

Race Format

Each heat lasts one hour. The checkered flag, signifying the end of the heat, comes out 60 minutes after the first row starts. PSTR reserves the right to shorten the heats at our discretion. There will be 30 seconds between each wave.


Classes are based on a combination of a rider’s ability and the motorcycle they are riding. Riders should enter the appropriate class based on their ability. In order to promote rider safety and fair competition, PSTR reserves the right to move a rider to a higher ability class at its discretion (sandbaggers beware).

  • 50cc – 50cc or less
  • 65cc – 51 – 65 cc
  • Youth C – Novice Rider, age 18 and under, 107-125cc two-stroke or up to 250cc four-stroke, front wheel of 21”
  • SuperMini - Age 9-17, 80-106cc two-stroke or up to 150cc four-stroke, front wheel of 19’’
  • 85cc Open - Age 7-17, 65-106cc two-stroke or up to 150cc four-stroke, wheels no larger than 17”
  • Women - Female rider on any motorcycle
  • Old Timers – Novice rider aged 50 years or older
  • Vintage - Any rider on a motorcycle 1979 or older
  • Evo – Any rider on a motorcycle manufactured after 1979 and before 1995
  • 250C - Novice rider on a two-stroke 0-125cc or four-stroke 0-250cc
  • 450C - Novice rider on a two-stroke > 125cc or four-stroke > 250cc
  • 20-29 A/B – Expert or Intermediate rider, age 20 to 29, any full size bike
  • 30+ A/B – Expert or Intermediate rider, 30 years or older, any full size bike
  • 40+ A/B – Expert or Intermediate rider, 40 years or older, any full size bike
  • 50+ A/B – Expert or Intermediate rider, 50 years or older, any full size bike
  • Youth A/B – Expert or Intermediate rider, 18 years or younger, any full size bike
  • 20-29 C – Novice rider, 20-29 year old, any full size bike
  • 30+ C – Novice rider, 30 years old or older, any full size bike
  • 40+ C – Novice rider, 40 years old or older, any full size bike
  • Open Pro – Pro or AA rider on any bike
  • A - Expert rider on any bike
  • B – Intermediate rider on any bike
  • ATV – any ATV rider

Schedule (approximate)

  • Sign-In Opens – 7:30 a.m.
  • Heat 1 8:30 – 50cc, 65cc (30 minute moto)
  • Heat 2 9:15 – Youth C (18 and Under), SuperMini, 85cc Open, Women, Old-Timers (50+C), Vintage – ’79 or older, Evo – ’80-‘94
  • Heat 3 10:30 – 250C, 450C
  • Heat 4 11:45 – 20-29 A/B, 30+ A/B, 40+ A/B, 50+ A/B
  • Heat 5 1:00 – Youth A/B, 20-29 C, 30+C, 40+ C
  • Heat 6 2:15 – Open Pro ($), A, B
  • Heat 7 3:30 - ATV

Procedure at Sign-In

  • Fill out your Entry Form.
  • Get in the Transponder line to get your assigned number and transponder. If you don’t have numbers for your bike you will receive stickyback numbers. You only have to buy a transponder once for the season.
  • Get in the Race Entry line to enter the race and pay your entry fee. You will receive a bracelet indicating you paid your entry fee.
  • Put the bracelet on your wrist, numbers on your bike and helmet. Put your transponder underneath your visor. Bring your bike to Tech Inspection where we’ll check your numbers and your transponder. If you pass, you’ll get a colored zip-tie which will grant you access to the Start Line area.
  • Get to the Start Line about 10 minutes before the scheduled Heat start.

Heat/Wave Order

Heats Wave Order Class Numbers
1 First 65cc 101-199
1 Second 50cc 1-99
2 First Youth C 101-199
2 Second SuperMini 201-299
2 Third 85cc Open 301-399
2 Fourth Women 401-499
2 Fifth Old Timers 501-599
2 Sixth Vintage, Evo 1-99
3 First 450 C 101-199
3 Second 250 C 1-99
4 First 20-29 A/B 201-299
4 Second 30+ A/B 301-399
4 Third 40+ A/B 401-499
4 Fourth 50+ A/B 501-599
5 First Youth A/B 201-299
5 Second 20-29 C 1-99
5 Third 30+ C 301-399
5 Fourth 40+ C 401-499
6 First Open Pro 1-99
6 Second A 101-199
6 Third B 201-299
7 First ATV 1-99


All events are scored electronically, numbers are assigned by PSTR. Riders receive a transponder with their PSTR membership, which has to be stuck under the rider’s visor. Riders must display their rider number on their front number plate and on the left side of their helmet (material available at Tech Inspection).

Series Championship

A year-end championship plaque is presented for each class. An additional award is presented for any class that has more than fifty total participants within a series year. Points toward the championship are awarded as follows:


1st  -  25
2nd  -  22
3rd  -  20
4th  -  18
5th  -  16
6th  -  15
7th  -  14
8th  -  13
9th  -  12
10th  -  11
11th  -  10
12th  -  9
13th  -  8
14th  -  7
15th  -  6
16th  -  5
17th  -  4
18th  -  3
19th  -  2
20th  -  1



  • A. Transponders/Permission: All riders participating must be issued a riding number and transponder by PSTR at Sign-In, it’s $15 and is good for the whole year. If the rider is under the age of majority, he/she must bring a parent or legal guardian to Sign-In to sign a Minor Release Form.
  • B. Protective Equipment: All riders must wear an adequate safety helmet, proper eye protection, and heavy boots.
  • C. Entry Forms/Waiver of liability: All riders must fill out an entry form and sign a liability waiver.
  • D. Pit Racing: Persons riding hazardously (wheelies, riding faster than a walking pace, etc.) in the parking area will be disqualified and ejected from the event.
  • E. Leaving the Course: Riders must stay on the intended course as marked by arrows, course ribbon or fencing except when traversing double marked sections where the rider must remain between markers. A rider leaving the course can only continue in the meet by returning to the point where he left the course. A rider who has cut the course shall be disqualified.
  • F. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Any rider who exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified. This is in the sole discretion of the Trail Boss and the Event Referee.


  • A. Numbers: Riders must display their racing number on the front number plate (numbers must be at least 2”) and on their helmet.
  • B. Sound: There will be no formal sound test, but any motorcycle deemed obnoxiously loud by the Event Referee will be disqualified.

First Timer to the Woodsocross?

You will need:

  • Parking Fee – $15 per person
  • Transponder Fee - $15, good for the whole season
  • Cost of race – $40, $35 for Youth classes

Any question or comments please forward to pstrinfo@gmail.com